​Colorant Equipment

The right fit for your operation.

Take a look at our wide variety of stand-alone machines and add-on components to find the set-up best for you.

All BASF equipment is backed with expert service, top-quality parts and accessories, and one of the industry's best warranties.

Pro Coloring System

Sahara® Pro Coloring System

Less water. Less drying. Less weight. Less fading.

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Smooth operators.

X Series Coloring System

Sahara® X Series
Coloring System

50% less water. 100% quality.

Reflex Series Teaser Image

Reflex Series

Responsive. Efficient. Versatile.

Second Harvester Coloring system

Second Harvester® Coloring System

The go-to original.

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Tote Mixers

Giving you the most out of every ounce.
​CM200 Mobile <Br>Colorant Pumping System Teaser Image

​CM200 Mobile
Colorant Pumping System

Economy plus performance.
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Get expert guidance and support.