Sahara® X Series Coloring System

50% less water. 100% quality.

Sahara X Series produces superior color-enhanced mulch. Boasting one of the most aggressive mixing chambers in the industry, the Sahara ensures maximum surface-to-colorant exposure for high quality at a low cost. Plus, it's built to last long under extreme conditions.

  • Available in the X1 or X3 models.
  • Produces superior color-enhanced wood mulch at a rate of 150 cubic yards per hour for the X1 series and 300 cubic yards per hour for the X3 series.
  • Requires up to 50 percent less water and minimal colorant to produce a high-quality and low-cost mulch.
  • Fully automated control panel makes it a one-person operation.
  • Can be custom fit into a new or existing in-line processing system.


Global Equipment Management (GEM) System

Take your Sahara system to the next level with the addition of GEM technology to maximize production and minimize water, energy and material usage.