​Pre-season Planning Tips

Now is the time to have a fine-tuned budget, to complete equipment maintenance and to ensure employees are trained.

This checklist provides a few ideas to make sure you're ready for the busy mulch coloring season.

  • Forecasting. It is essential for any manufacturer — including colored mulch producers — to have an accurate business forecast for the upcoming year. Identify what customers you'll maintain and potentially lose, as well as prospects. Additionally, talk with the people you do business with to understand your company's needs for raw material, equipment, mulch colorant, personnel and cash flow.
  • Budgeting. Properly planning for the manufacturing process will directly affect your success or failure this year. An accurate and somewhat conservative budget will help position your company to operate within its business model. It also could give you a competitive advantage if demand for raw material in your area increases.
  • Ordering colorant. Your BASF territory manager can help you analyze your colorant purchasing history, which can improve decision-making when it comes to timing orders and getting the proper color configuration.
  • Stocking parts. This is a great opportunity to improve your efficiency, partially because it's so often overlooked. Having wear parts for your equipment on hand can save you time waiting for an order and the cost of expedited shipping.

Get expert guidance and support.

Your BASF territory manager (TM) is ready to help you configure the ideal equipment for your needs and budget.