​Winterizing Mulch Colorant Equipment

BASF recommends performing equipment winterizing procedures anytime the forecast calls for temperatures to drop below 35 F.

Producers in warmer regions also should know how to winterize equipment. After all, even Florida experiences the occasional freeze.

Water line, flow meter and water valve damage are all common occurrences that can take place when proper winterization guidelines are not followed.

Save headaches and money with these simple winterizing steps:

  1. Complete normal end-of-day cleaning procedures.
  2. Drain the mulch colorant delivery system by removing the inlet water source from the system and leaving all water valves open to allow drainage.
  3. Cycle the electric valve a few times to clear all the water, stopping in the open position.
  4. Pump antifreeze through the mulch colorant delivery system to displace any trapped water. NOTE: If your equipment is shut down for an extended period rather than overnight or for the weekend, consider adding more antifreeze to ensure complete water removal.
  5. Run approximately 4 to 5 yards of dry material through the machine to remove remaining wet material.
  6. Remove and clean the drain plug to empty any water trapped inside the mixing system.
  7. As spring approaches, check water and mulch colorant system for any issues — such as leaks — that may have developed over the winter.