​Mulch Colorant Storage and Handling

During cold weather, extra care is needed when storing mulch colorant. Following these tips will protect the quality of the product, prevent spills and help you maximize your investment.

Proper storage tips:

  • Keep your mulch colorant indoors, and do not let it freeze. Freezing can cause the colorant to separate, making it difficult to get back into suspension. Also, the mulch colorant will pump slower when kept in temperatures below 40 F, which can affect your application rate.
  • Keep mulch colorant out of the sun. Mulch colorant is best kept under a roof year-round. The sun can dry out mulch colorant along the sides of a tote.
  • Use trained staff and proper equipment when handling tote containers.
  • Drain totes completely.
  • Wash out totes when empty.
  • Follow a first-in, first-out inventory management system — use the oldest stock first.