​​Global Equipment Management (GEM) System

Get more out of what you put in.

Our global equipment management system helps you get the most from your investment by improving efficiency, maximizing production, increasing control and minimizing user error. Working with your Sahara® Pro or Sahara® X Series equipment, GEM monitors colorant and water input every five seconds to reduce waste and increase accuracy and consistency.


GEM 2.0 gives you:

  • Virtually effortless control of your Sahara units.
  • Easy-to-follow system screen displays.
  • Programmable recipe presets.
  • Automatic metering, monitoring and verification of colorant, additive and water output.
  • Maintenance alerts.

GEM 3.0 is the most advanced coloring technology available, offering additional benefits:

  • Expandable reporting options with customizable features.
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts delivered immediately via text or email.
  • Insight on the efficiencies of keeping a machine running, versus starting and stopping.
  • Data reported hourly — analyzing production down to the minute.
  • Alarm archive feature for remote and on-site troubleshooting.

GEM LT gives you:

  • Compatibility with any grinder, screener or coloring machine with a conveyor.
  • 95% or higher output accuracy, confirmed by independent testing.
  • Accurate data that allows operators to fine-tune application rates.
  • Current and historical data that reduces under- and over-producing, verifies production volumes for inventory management and more accurate invoicing.

Upgrade to GEM 3.0

Contact your territory manager to learn how to upgrade to GEM 3.0 technology.